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technology-support s.r.o. permanent support of your services 


Permanent support of your services.


⚙ GibbsCAM – CAD/CAM software solution for any CNC machine

⚙ Cimatron – CAD/CAM solution for design and manufacturing of molds, follow forming tools, and dies

⚙ ChipBLASTER – high-pressure and high-volume coolant systems for machine tools

⚙ t-cimco – solutions for CNC machine networking (DNC, LAN, WIFI, ...), management of NC programs, management of production documents, and solutions for production optimization through the CIMCO CNC machine monitoring solution

⚙ t-cad – CAD solution for product design and for Data Import

⚙ LNS – bar feeders, chip conveyors, air filtration systems, and coolant management systems

✔ training and re-training for CNC machine operators and programmers as well as CAD designers


technology-support s.r.o. has been providing CAD/CAM installations, implementation, and services for users, manufacturing companies, and CNC machinery builders in the Czech and Slovak market since 2003. Since then, we have won the trust of numerous long-standing and happy customers. We believe that this success is due to our efforts to be a committed partner who helps solve problems and offers solutions to a wide range of challenges our users encounter at their work, far beyond only delivering the initial solution.


In addition to the GibbsCAM and Cimatron CAD/CAM solutions, we offer ZW3D CAD solutions, high-pressure and high-volume cooling with ChipBLASTER. As another separate service, we offer training and re-training for CNC machine operators and programmers as well as CAD designers.



technology-support s.r.o. was founded in 2003 as a response to the growing market demands for technical and application support for Czech and Slovak users of GibbsCAM software. Over time, the company has expanded its operations and territory coverage. Besides sales, training, and support of the CAD/CAM software product GibbsCAM, technology-support provides training and technical support for users of CNC machine centers with Acramatic 2100 CNC, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mefi, Mitsubishi, and Siemens-Sinumerik controls. Our company also represents ChipBLASTER, a quality producer of high-pressure and high-volume coolant systems for machine tools. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of services for the optimization of CNC machining for manufacturers and users of CNC machine tools.


Since 1st March 2008, we have integrated the high-end CAD/CAM CIMATRON, a solution for design and manufacturing of molds, follow forming tools, and dies. This addition has enabled technology-support to offer a CAD/CAM solution that fully satisfies machining requirements, from production CAM application (GibbsCAM) for CNC machinists to high-end design and NC applications (Cimatron) for tool makers.


Starting from 1st June 2014, we have included the ZW3D CAD product from ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd., a CAD solution for product design and data import (CATIA, NX, Creo, ProE, Inventor, Solidworks, ...).


ChipBLASTER has become a new member of the LNS family. LNS is a key player in the machine tool peripherals market, offering bar feeders, chip conveyors, air filtration systems, and coolant management systems. technology-support s.r.o. has been the official technical representative in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1st January 2019, providing support for the entire range of LNS Europe products.




On behalf of the whole team at technology-support s.r.o.,

Vlastimil Staněk, President

produkty a služby

GibbsCAM »
CAD/CAM software pro produkční obrábění,
GibbsCAM podporuje základní CNC frézování a soustružení
přes otočné stoly, 4/5 indexované obrábění,
po 3-5osé souběžné frézování,
multifunkční soustružnicko-frézovací stroje
a Wire EDM.
Cimatron »
CAD/CAM pro návrh, konstrukci a výrobu elektrod, forem,
postupových a transferových lisovacích nástrojů,
progresivní řešení elektrod,
průvodce řešení pro nástrojaře, publikace
LNS ChipBLASTER vysokotlaké chlazení »
vysokotlaké chlazení a filtrace pro obráběcí stroje,
vysoký tlak šetří nástroje, čas a energii
školení a rekvalifikace »
školení a rekvalifikační kurzy pro obsluhy a programátory CNC obráběcích strojů
a CAD konstruktéry
další produkty pro efektivní obrábění »
CIMCO - CNC, DNC a CAD/CAM řešení pro NC programátory
CIMCO - zasíťování CNC strojů, sledování a vyhodnocování výroby
VoluMill - generátor dráhy nástroje
editNC - editor a verifikace NC programů
1D řezný optimalizátor
RopeCAM - na závity

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